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Achieve outstanding papers effortlessly with our service. We go beyond simply identifying instances of plagiarism in your work at no cost. Our team of skilled editors is also available to provide the necessary improvements, ensuring your paper reaches its full potential.

  • Free plagiarism check & similarity scoresDistinguish us from the rest of the plagiarism checkers by our commitment to a complimentary initial plagiarism check service. With us, you can effortlessly evaluate the scan results before making a decision on whether to invest in a comprehensive report. Unlike many others, we prioritize your satisfaction and provide transparency in the process.
  • Text similarity report with sourcesWith our plagiarism checker, you'll receive convenient source links that correspond to the highlighted sections in your document. These links enable you to carefully review and rectify any inappropriate quotations, words, or paraphrases.
  • Database of scholarly articlesAlongside our expansive open database, we provide you with the option to cross-reference your files against our extensive collection of scholarly articles. Our database boasts over 80 million articles sourced from renowned academic publishers, ensuring comprehensive coverage and access to a wealth of scholarly knowledge.

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Embrace authenticity and originality as the defining qualities of your teaching style. Count on our unwavering support as we provide you with free, cutting-edge plagiarism prevention software. Together, let's empower your students through education.

  • Free plagiarism check for teachers, professors, and lecturersRecognizing the limited access to professional plagiarism checkers among teachers, lecturers, and professors worldwide, we have developed a free service exclusively for educators. Our comprehensive offering not only includes essential plagiarism checking but also provides various methods to proactively prevent plagiarism. We aim to empower educators globally by equipping them with the necessary tools to maintain academic integrity and foster originality in scholarly work.
  • Real-time search technologyOur plagiarism checker possesses the remarkable capability to identify similarities with papers published as recently as 10 minutes ago on popular websites. This highly valuable feature empowers users to effectively compare their documents with newly published articles, ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive plagiarism detection. Stay at the forefront of academic integrity with our cutting-edge technology.
  • Database of scholarly articlesAlongside our expansive open database, we provide you with the option to cross-reference your files against our extensive collection of scholarly articles. Our database boasts over 80 million articles sourced from renowned academic publishers, ensuring comprehensive coverage and access to a wealth of scholarly knowledge.

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Questions and answers

Plagramme is a leading online platform dedicated to detecting and preventing plagiarism, ensuring the authenticity and originality of written content. Powered by advanced algorithms and extensive databases, our platform scans texts for similarities to internet sources and published materials. We offer a comprehensive set of features, including plagiarism removal and grammar checking, designed to enhance the quality and precision of your writing. Widely trusted by students, teachers, writers, and businesses, our service safeguards against potential legal complications associated with plagiarism, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining integrity in your work.
Our process begins by extracting the text from your file, which is then meticulously compared using our advanced text-matching algorithms. These algorithms conduct thorough scans across diverse databases containing both public and paid access documents. As a result, any text similarities found between your document and the source documents are highlighted for your convenience. Additionally, we calculate the percentage of similar text, known as the similarity score, along with other relevant scores. Finally, an insightful originality report is generated, providing a comprehensive overview of the similarity matches found in your document and the corresponding source documents, accompanied by the associated scores.
Upon uploading your document, it undergoes a comprehensive comparison with our extensive database of publicly accessible documents and scholarly articles. Throughout this process, our text-matching algorithms diligently identify similarities between the words in your document and those present in other texts. The algorithm calculates the percentage of similarity by tallying all the matches, which is referred to as the similarity score. The text matching algorithms not only identify exact matches but also account for matches that may be fragmented across the text. To assess the risk of plagiarism, we focus on the presence of larger continuous blocks of similar text in your document. Even a single significant block of similar text can indicate potential plagiarism. Hence, it is crucial to note that documents with a relatively low percentage of similarity can still be deemed as high risk based on the presence of substantial textual matches.
The detailed report provides two essential features that facilitate a comprehensive analysis of your document. Firstly, it highlights the similarities and matches in different colors, allowing for easy identification and differentiation. This visual representation aids in understanding the extent and nature of the matched text within your document. Secondly, the report grants you the ability to inspect and directly access the original sources of the matched text. This valuable feature enables you to delve deeper into the sources and verify the context and accuracy of the matched content. By effortlessly accessing the original sources, you gain a deeper understanding of the textual connections and can make informed decisions regarding appropriate attribution or necessary revisions.
By utilizing the free check option, you will receive a comprehensive text similarity range, ranging from 0-9%, 10-20%, or 21-100%. This provides you with valuable insights into the level of similarity detected in your document. Additionally, you have the opportunity to easily share the generated similarity report with your educator, facilitating transparent communication and fostering academic integrity. Furthermore, our service offers a real-time plagiarism check, ensuring that you can promptly assess the originality of your content. With this feature, you can proactively identify and address any potential plagiarism concerns, enabling you to make necessary revisions or properly attribute external sources.
We place the highest emphasis on safeguarding the privacy of your personal data and documents. Our commitment revolves around the principle that what belongs to you remains exclusively yours. We strictly prohibit the use of any uploaded documents for copying or distributing purposes in any form. Moreover, your documents are not included in any comparative databases. Your data, along with the contents of your documents, is fully protected by legal measures. Access to this information is limited to you and our authorized employees, solely for the purpose of providing customer support. We adhere to stringent confidentiality guidelines to ensure that your data remains secure and confidential at all times. Your trust in our service is of utmost importance to us, and we take all necessary steps to maintain the privacy and integrity of your personal information.
For assistance from our support team, kindly click on the "Support" button located in the top right corner of the page. Alternatively, you can reach out to us by sending an email to support@plagramme.com. Rest assured, our dedicated support team will promptly address your inquiry and provide a response within a maximum of 12 hours. We value your satisfaction and are committed to assisting you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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