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Self Plagiarism. The Definition. The Avoidance

SELF PLAGIARISM. THE DEFINITION. THE AVOIDANCE Self plagiarism may seems look like a weird concept to those who have no experience with it. The definition of self plagiarism is using your own work in a different context without citing that it was used previously. A major example of such an act might be someone who

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Presenting A Paper To The Audience

PRESENTING A PAPER TO THE AUDIENCE Presenting a paper is an important skill, and mastering it requires learning many different tools and techniques. There are two main issues to balance - giving the audience enough information to understand the paper as opposed to burying them in technical details until they lose interest. Striking a balance

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How To Make A Good Presentation. Writer’s Guide

HOW TO MAKE A GOOD PRESENTATION. WRITER'S GUIDE A well-planned presentation is the key to sharing your writing with an audience in a way that will leave them impressed by your knowledge. Yet, crafting an engaging presentation can be challenging if you are inexperienced with public speaking, and even professional orators often need a refresher

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Plagiarism Check Is An Imperative

PLAGIARISM CHECK IS AN IMPERATIVE Turning in plagiarized work is a serious issue for a number of reasons. It shows your teacher or professor that you didn't put effort into your assignment, and it also is stealing the work of another person. Depending upon the policy at your school, you could be expelled because of

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Correct Grammar Errors in Your Writing Easily

CORRECT GRAMMAR ERRORS IN YOUR WRITING EASILY As a student, teachers are always looking for your reports and essays to be grammatically-correct. However, while professional writers have editors to clean up their mistakes, students don't. Luckily though, there are a few relatively easy and quick ways that you can look for and correct the grammar

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How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay

HOW TO WRITE A CONCLUSION FOR AN ESSAY Let's guess - you want to know how to write a conclusion? A good one? If yes, this article is just for you. How to write a conclusion The conclusion is one of the most difficult parts of any essay. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most

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Citing Properly. Differences Of AP And APA Formats

CITING PROPERLY. DIFFERENCES OF AP AND APA FORMATS Why Is Citing Sources Important? Proper citing of sources is extremely important in writing essays. However, what students often do not realize is that the way of citing is equally important. There are many different writing styles in use today, such as AP, APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. The

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Plagiarism Checker Software Helps To Avoid Plagiarism

PLAGIARISM CHECKER SOFTWARE HELPS TO AVOID PLAGIARISM Academic writing is a complex process that requires research and planning, but you must ensure that you are not stepping on the toes of previous writers. Building up your essay takes a bit of time, and you must not allow yourself to repeat content that was used by

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How To Write Essay. Tips For Writing A Good Essay

HOW TO WRITE ESSAY. TIPS FOR WRITING A GOOD ESSAY Although students face a plethora of academic challenges in school, learning how to write an excellent essay is typically one of the most significant hurdles. From coming up with a topic to ensuring that one's argument is adequately defended, the essay-writing process can seem difficult

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How To Write Introduction. Tips And Tricks

HOW TO WRITE INTRODUCTION. TIPS AND TRICKS There are many important elements you need to be aware of in your essay writing process. However, one of the most important elements is your introduction. A strong introduction grabs the reader’s attention, peaks their interest, and entices them into continuing to read your paper in order to

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