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How To Select The Proper Writing Style For Your Essay

HOW TO SELECT THE PROPER WRITING STYLE FOR YOUR ESSAY Sometimes the hardest part of writing an essay is nailing down the tone you want to use. You know the point you want to make, you have your outline and research notes, and you know how to string all of your information together. But the

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Why Writing Guidelines Are Important To Read

WHY WRITING GUIDELINES ARE IMPORTANT TO READ You've been assigned an essay for one of your courses and you're determined to do a good job. Eager to get started, you dive into your topic and your research, certain you have an excellent handle on your writing. And then you check the writing guidelines and realize,

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Finding The Best Sources For Your Writing

FINDING THE BEST SOURCES FOR YOUR WRITING One of the most challenging aspects about writing an article or paper for a class can be locating legitimate sources that provide the backbone for the information conveyed and support points and thesis statements within one’s writing. While the world wide web makes finding information a cinch, deciphering

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How To Write An Outline In Five Easy Steps

HOW TO WRITE AN OUTLINE IN FIVE EASY STEPS Need to know how to write an outline and why should you write it? When writing any academic paper, an outline is one of the most important steps. Outlines help to set the pace and structure of your essay, while your thesis directs the tone and

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Types Of Plagiarism

TYPES OF PLAGIARISM What is Plagiarism? Passing off somebody else’s work, all or in part, as one’s own, or to misrepresent an old idea as a new one is called plagiarism. Plagiarism includes using another’s work without permission of reproduction, and of using one’s own work when required to create new content. It is accepted

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Thesis Statement Development Tips

THESIS STATEMENT DEVELOPEMENT TIPS A thesis statement is one of the most important aspect of your essay or research paper. The thesis statement does two very important things. It serves as a summary of the purpose of your paper, and it functions as a simple outline of what you will be discussing. Make The Thesis

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Originality Checker – Tool To Avoid Plagiarism

ORIGINALITY CHECKER - TOOL TO AVOID PLAGIARISM While it's never been easier to plagiarize than it is now with the proliferation of every kind of book and website available online to misuse, it's also never been easier to detect when someone is plagiarizing than it is in this day and age. You just need to

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Creating Good Essay Topics For Your Essay

CREATING GOOD ESSAY TOPICS FOR YOUR ESSAY Effectively choosing writing topics is pivotal to the end result of any kind of written essay. Even though it feels great to be able to choose a topic that you passionately care about, you won't always have the freedom to do so. With that being said, you can

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Plagiarism Research And Prevention

PLAGIARISM RESEARCH AND PREVENTION Plagiarism has been a longstanding problem in academics, and it is often very difficult to spot. This problem let to some plagiarism research to be started. However, research on algorithms and modern technologies allow teachers to search instantly for plagiarized content, which makes preventing and spotting intellectual replication much easier. Plagiarism

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Plagiarism Control Is Not Just A Declaration

PLAGIARISM CONTROL IS NOT JUST A DECLARATION Plagiarism Control Is Being Executed At Most Of Schools As you students pack up your belongings and head off to your chosen institutions of higher learning, you already know that you'll have years of reading ahead of you. So you may have already decided to skip the reading

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